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Change Enough People and You Change Society.

The Avatar Legacy is a book that follows the introduction and development of the Avatar story. The chapters are based on recorded talks that I gave between 1995 and 2009. I have kept the chronological order, but have updated and supplemented the material with new lessons.
「アバター・レガシー」は、アバターの導入と開発の物語に続く本です。それぞれの章は、私が1995年から2009年の間に行った講演を録音したものをベー スにしています。時系列はそのままですが、内容を新たな学びで更新し、補足してあります。

Here is a challenge: Take a starship crew, give them amnesia, and then sprinkle them across a planet with a few billion other beings waiting to wake up. Now see how fast you can sort them out and re-connect.


~Harry Palmer, author of The Avatar Materials

Avatar Legacy

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